Preparing for the trip looks like Prévert inventory.

A motorhome, blankets, cameras, and matchboxes, a winch, a pharmacy, Kit, computer boxes of sardines and clothes for the winter, the SOAP, the Toolbox, books and cards... The list is long, yet so don't forget anything!

The dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the desk, the rooms and cabinets. We are not the turtles so our choice is the Swiss army knife: a camper. Yes, but where?
See our requirements.

  • Deus permanent beds (a large, two small)
  • Large fridge
  • Oven
  • Hood for kitchen
  • Large reserves of clean water
  • Cargo bay garage
  • Double floor
  • Vibration-resistant berries
  • Rooflights distributed over all the different areas of life

For camping because we made a reasonable choice. An Autostar Auros 17 of 2006 with 32000km on the clock. A campsite because nine strongly increases the value of the vehicle for the book of customs clearance.
Today, all the mechanics are relatively reliable. In addition, Ford is well-distributed. Dual wheel drive allows more easily out of the road obstacles.

September 2017

We made some changes after our trips to the Morocco.

The cooler of air on the roof is removed because it increases the parasitic air intakes and its efficiency is not probative. In its place, we asked a skylight for a gain of natural light. Surprise, the camper has grown in road comfort. There cottage less cornering.

The trimix to absorption refrigerator is not reliable. It does not stabilize the temperature on the roads and we lose too many fresh products. This refrigerator to absortion is replaced by a compression refrigerator. The test is done, it is the right choice. Very noisy contrary to what is announced by the manufacturers of camper. It works perfectly even on the slopes and in mountain passes. Another advantage, the absortion system allows space for a same capacity. We took the opportunity to install a gas oven in the space vacated. The fixed background of this space is replaced by a small watertight door to the air. This backdoor allows us access to electrical installations without having to disassemble them (extra fridge, regulator taken and switches fan fan).

We taped the socket 220V, which was difficult to access, on the back of the refrigerator and in front of the low rack outside of the motorhome. She can be easily usable from outside (waterproof in case plug in box)

In addition, we asked a second solar panel connected to a second cycle battery slow to increase electric capacity. This circuit is completely independent. The battery does not charge when driving but only when there is light. The surplus of electricity production far exceeds our needs and gives us security.

Autostar Auros 17 of 2006

A CF 450 quad for delicate movements.

An enclosed trailer for the transport of the quad with additional material.